Photo Journal

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Kyle + Audrey

Felton, CA

Kyle and Audrey’s wedding was so beyond perfect. The amount of joy that radiated from both of them was overwhelming. Both of them seemed to have zero nerves the entire day. I adored this wedding. From an emotional first look with dad, to the emotions filling the entire room of the ceremony, you could tell that every person at the wedding was so emotionally invested in this marriage coming together. It was an honor to be a part of and witness.


Elias + Sidney

Colfax, WA

This wedding was very special and unique to me because I had spent a significant amount of time getting to know the bride, prior to her even dating Elias. I remember when she first started speaking about Eli he seemed amazing and almost too good to be true. But she was so madly in love and I was so happy for her. Their relationship has been mainly long distance, so as her friend the first time I even was able to meet Elias was at their engagement session. And man… immediately you could tell he was the prince charming she spoke of. Their wedding was so beautiful and just filled with so much giddy love. I have a feeling these two are going to be in their “honeymoon phase” for the next 50 years.


Ryan + Lizzy

Costa Mesa, CA

Ryan and Lizzy met in college, and have been together ever since. They are both the most genuine and sweet people you will ever meet. My favorite thing about their wedding was how enriched the entire wedding was with Ethiopian tradition. This day was wrapped up in so much culture, love and celebration.


Jason + Xiomara

Santa Ana, CA

This wedding was very quaint, held in a very cool wine bar in downtown Santa Ana. Nothing makes me more excited than a bride and groom embracing rain and not letting it make them loose their excitement on their wedding day! It’s actually good luck they say! The rain only added to their photos, I believe. I loved this wedding.


Paul + Katy

Newport Beach, CA

These two are so much fun. Katy and Paul had a full wedding day filled with laughter and celebration. You can absolutely tell they are truly best friends and really supportive of each other. And I have to admit, their reception dance party may have been my favorite one to date!


Mike + Supriya

Saratoga, CA

I love a wedding that brings me out to a beautiful location. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was in awe of the beauty this little town held. Mike and Supriya’s wedding was so much fun, they even did a secret handshake before they kissed at the end of the ceremony! My favorite part of their wedding had to have been the beauty of the Indian culture flooding the wedding with rich and gorgeous color from their saris.


Dayne + Madison

Phoenix, AZ

Dayne and Madison have been together since high school. Because of this you can just tell they have a maturity to their love way beyond their years. We had the honor to do both photo and video for their wedding. It was a perfect day that began with them getting ready in the cutest little town home and ended kissing under sparklers.


Tyler + Sarah

Julian, CA

Tyler and Sarah’s wedding was equally stunning as it was freezing outside that day. Snow covered the ground, and the original plan for an outdoor ceremony quickly turned in to an indoor one. But in the end the wedding turned out absolutely perfect and beautiful. And hand’s down, Tyler holds the award for best first look reaction from a groom. I was trying not to cry behind the camera! Their love is so true and evident, it’s no secret these two were made for each other.